Any submitted work, as indicated in our contract, can be published in our print and digital formats, any and all promotional materials including but not limited to cards, magazines, totes, shirts and other merchandise, as well as on any of our social media platforms. Our printed issues will be for sale and Contributors do not hold any rights to profits made from the sale of our magazine.

ARMOIRE MAGAZINE does not compensate accepted contributing artists through monetarily, but promotes your work to our readers and other industry participants. 

Please note that we do intend to sell printed issues and books in any printed format we choose. Upon submitting, understand that we will sell our publication to support our project. Contributors do not have rights to these funds; they also do not have rights to the magazine layout design in any form. 

Once you submit, ARMOIRE MAGAZINE has full rights to display and design the derivative works we create - for example, our print and digital issues.

All of these same terms apply if you submit work to our Intimates page - we may print these works and will display them on the corresponding site pages and social media.