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Issue 2 / Identity

May 3, 2018

Capítulo 038: Femme Defense

mamis of myth and bullshit

Locatora Radio 


Locatora Radio is a Radiophonic Novela which makes space for the exploration and celebration of the experiences, brilliance, creativity, and legacies of femmes and womxn of color. Each Capitulo of Locatora Radio is made with love and brujeria, a moment in time made by brown girls, for brown girls. Listen as Las Locatoras, Mala and Diosa, keep brown girl hour and discuss the layers and levels of femmeness and race, mental health, trauma, gender experience, sexuality, and oppression. 

The recent election of Donald Trump has caused real fear and concern in communities of color, amongst femmes, and amongst survivors of sexual violence. In this Capitulo, Diosa and Mala discuss the importance of learning to defend oneself in a world that is increasingly violent towards historically marginalized people.


October 5, 2017

Episode: We Get Biracial

with Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris. 

Still Processing 

In this episode: "We talk about the cultural and historical suspicion America still has of black-white interracial romantic relationships. Then we consider the offspring of interracial coupling — whether the possibility of occupying two identities (or more) is a choice, a luxury or a delusion; and what fears, doubts or envy non-biracial black Americans might feel about biracial black Americans. We consider our feelings about Rashida Jones, Drake and Vin Diesel. We unpack the writings of Zadie Smith and Barack Obama. And we kind of have to ask: Aren’t we all a little bit mixed?"

March 12, 2018

Episode: Does Tech Encourage Ghosting?

how your tiny tech decisions impact your social life.

Why’d You Push That Button?