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Issue 7 / Intimates


Intimacy in the arts is as old as time, yet new translations thrive and become the language of each generation. With issue seven, we highlight artists that create in various mediums and subjects, all with a decidedly more contemporary take. 

Intimates are the objects of intimacy, an evocation on record. In a sense, Intimates is us at our boldest and most vulnerable, a perfect marriage of disparate forms. We believe that there is no better time than now to explore what is real for our selves and our communities; breaking from orthodox ideals and radically pushing back to create space for empowerment of all people.




Armoire Mag Exclusive

Undressed by Daniel Cavanaugh

Photography: Daniel Cavanaugh / @dnlcvngh
Models: Malik Alain / @oceanshades and Han Lee / @fieuve.han


Make Love by Tina Maria Elena 

"It feels like there’s finally a common voice from women around the world who are taking charge of their sensuality and supporting each other in the fight against the taboo that has forced us down for so long." Read more ... 


"Mastering self pleasure is key to experiencing more pleasure with others. Touch yourself how you desire to be touched. Make love to yourself. Get to know the ins and outs of your pleasure and then take that knowledge and wisdom into sex with your lovers. After all, you can't expect others to pleasure you if you can't pleasure yourself." 

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