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Issue Seven 


An evolving digital issue exploring the theme of intimacy.


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Armoire Mag Exclusive

Model: Jaraé Holieway



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It is my belief that by acknowledging and cherishing our ‘backyards,’ people would be more wholesome.

My work is a collection of images of closeness, caring and kink. Intimacy is a powerful thing and I wish to utilize that power through erotic art to support greater awareness of gender fluidity, feminism and non-monogamy. I try not to bolster the heteronormative, stereotypical narrative too much in my illustrations, there's definitely not a shortage of that out there. When I started painting Tenderships, I made abstract black and white paintings with subtle hints of sexuality but my practice has grown into a more explicit storytelling. I hope my work provides a window into a more sex-positive, body-positive, kink friendly, and age tolerant sensuality ... one where gender and sexuality is on a spectrum and not always a permanent and binary. It is my belief that by acknowledging and cherishing our ’backyards,’ people would be more wholesome. It’s okay to explore your sexuality without guilt or shame with all the creativity, beauty and depth one has - as long as everyone on board has full consent.


interview / art

Make Love by Tina Maria Elena

It feels like there’s finally a common voice from women around the world who are taking charge of their sensuality and supporting each other in the fight against the taboo that has forced us down for so long.

interview / art / sex education

Bits & Bods

a project by Bethan Mooney and Isabella Connelley

Q: For whom did you create "Bits and Bods" and why?

Bits and Bods is for teenagers. Our primary focus has been on teenage girls, and we’re working hard to expand this to include trans and gender non-conforming voices. We knew from our own experiences of school that formal sex ed is pretty shit; it’s full of stigma, is super heteronormative, avoids pleasure all together and so on. And then there’s not many other reliable sources that are also fun and engaging. So we decided to help fill that gap ourselves. We want teenagers to learn facts and also to learn that this stuff is normal, it’s good to talk about, it shouldn’t be embarrassing!


Q: How do you see art intersecting with sex education and empowerment?

Art is powerful - people can connect with it on so many levels. Our aim is to create emotion through spectacle, using stylized imagery to show how weird and wonderful bodies and their functions truly are. When audiences gasp, cringe, laugh - we start to break down taboos and rubbish ideas that this stuff should be shameful and secretive, provoking conversation which inevitably leads to education.





Q: What were your experiences with sex education; what was missing from the conversation?

Sex education was way too anatomical and heteronormative; feelings, consent and pleasure were never mentioned. It was a complicated time for us and there were a lot of questions we wanted to ask but, for some reason, we felt we couldn't. To have a space beyond the classroom where you could go with no judgement and find answers would have been bloody great, which is exactly what we want to achieve with Bits and Bods




Armoire Mag Exclusive / photography 

Undressed by Daniel Cavanaugh


Models: Malik Alain / @oceanshades and Han Lee / @fieuve.han



... continued

Issue 7 / Intimates

photography and art


Jacquie Ray, Kim Marie & Brandy Eve Allen




by Brandy Eve Allen


love is a fire

suffocate it, put it out

give it space to breathe.

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