Issue One / The White Dress



The white dress has tremendous power, embodying cultural ideals about tradition, purity, sanctity and sin. It is no wonder the white dress has inspired so many wondrous works of art including not only fine art, but music, photography, literature and even folklore.

Time and time again, we hear stories about the white dress, specifically stories about the woman in white. She haunts us, roams rivers wailing for her lost children, she rebels against oppressors and lures you into her darkness with angelic force. This story of the woman in white varies by culture and geography, whether Dama Bianca in Brazil or La Llorona in Mexico, no matter which version of her story, it always reveres the power femininity, the power of the white dress.



Art Direction & Styling: Kimberly Marie

Photography: Trent Maxwell 

Makeup: Jamie Rivera

Model: Melissa Ann Taylor