Artist: @tendership


"Tendership paintings are all about recognizing and filling in the tones between black and white. One can’t always see them, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not there."


My work is a collection of images of closeness, caring and kink. Intimacy is a powerful thing and I wish to utilize that power through erotic art to support greater awareness of gender fluidity, feminism and non-monogamy. I try not to bolster the heteronormative stereotypical narrative too much in my illustrations, there's definitely not a shortage of that out there. When I started painting Tenderships, I made abstract black and white paintings with subtle hints of sexuality but my practice has grown into a more explicit storytelling. I hope my work provides a window into a more sex-positive, body-positive, kink friendly, and age tolerant sensuality ... one where gender and sexuality is on a spectrum and not always a permanent and binary.

It is my belief that by acknowledging and cherishing our ’backyards,’ people would be more wholesome. It’s okay to explore your sexuality without guilt or shame with all the creativity, beauty and depth one has - as long as everyone on board has full consent.

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