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To Mars and to Never Return: Intimates with Melissa Ann Taylor


"It's very scary to put your work on display, as any Artist can probably relate to. I've modeled for most of my own look books and it feels a little surreal to be literally standing in my own underwear pretty much publicly"


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Studio Visit: A Conversation with Kristian Burford


A Q&A at the studio with Kristian Burford / @kristianburford

Photographer: Kimberly Marie / @bootsymarie

Location: Los Angeles, California


"There is an important link between terror and intimacy ... it has something to do with mirrors." 


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Make Love by Tina Maria Elena


Artist: Tina Maria Elena / @tinamariaelena

Medium: Drawings, watercolor, hand cut paper

Location: Odense, Denmark


"It feels like there’s finally a common voice from women around the world who are taking charge of their sensuality and supporting each other in the fight against the taboo that has forced us down for so long."


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Armoire Mag Exclusive: Glacial Pop


Painting / Collage: Jeannot Quenson / @swoonyjean

Art Director / Stylist: Kimberly Pickover / @bootsymarie

Photographer: Maggie Svoboda / @maggiesvoboda

Hair and Makeup: Jamie Rivera / @bbjam

Models: Kimberly PickoverKyla Krug-Meadows 

Location: Austin Courthouse, Austin TX 

Acrylic, gouache, and collage on silver, reflective photo paper

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