Put a One-Two Punch in Your Color Scheme by Linda Flores


Photographer: Linda Flores / @lindafloresphoto

Model: Rebecca Ann Ruiz / @hypatiasg

Wardrobe: Frock On Vintage / @frockonatx

*Original Better Homes and Gardens Photography provided by Alderman Studios


Linda Flores is an Austin based Photographer that has been featured in StereogumAustin Lifestyle Magazine and more. She is the Founder of Glim Magazine and also co-wrote and photo illustrated Jasper, a book promoting literacy.

These photographs are digital composites using vintage Better Homes and Gardens magazines that were found in a home my family inherited. The interiors depicted are void of people and for good reason. The presence of a person in the imagery would change the photograph from an objective depiction of a room to a statement. I aimed to use these interiors as my landscape for what the original artists did not intend, a re-imagining into a world that my generation longs to know. A fashion spread that I can only imagine fit the era but with it's own modern twist. These photographic illustrations give the audience an opportunity to be transported back in time, transported into a saucy orange living room looking through paisley printed window shades. 


© Linda Flores 2016