One We Made Earlier by Emma and Rob Orchardson


Jewelry Designer: One We Made Earlier / @onewemadeearlier

Medium: Resin, rope, cork and brass

Photographers: Cool Machine / @coolmachineshop 

Garry Maclennan / @garymaclennanphotography

Stylist: Clare Nicolson / @clarenicolson

Model: Stella Papi


Based in London, husband and wife team Emma and Rob Orchardson draw on their backgrounds in fine art and design to create modern statement jewelry. Their work combines a sense of playfulness with minimal geometric shapes and patterns. For Issue Five of Armoire Magazine, this team partnered with Cool Machine based out of France to create this series exploring patterns and adornment. We are happy to share a closer look into their design world, read more linked below: 



What events led you to start your jewelry line, One We Made Earlier

My husband Rob and I created One We Made Earlier as a collaborative project in 2013 to bring together a shared aesthetic and common ideas. It all started with some playful experimentation with shapes without a particular directed outcome. From this, a collection of jewellery emerged but we worked through a range of materials before settling on our current palette of resin shapes, rope, cork and brass. 

What inspires your designs most? 

Some of our core sources of inspiration are Memphis use of colour and pattern, the boldness of Constructivist design, Bauhaus simplicity and futurist stage set designs.

How do you achieve the patterns featured in your designs?  

We work a lot with patterned kitchen worktop material but are experimenting with how we will create our own patterned surfaces for future collections.  

Do you see art and fashion connecting in your work? 

We like to be aware of what is happening in lots of different aspects of visual culture including both fashion and art. We currently are inspired by the bold colourful work of Serbian Fashion Designer Roksanda Ilincic, for example. For the most part, Rob brings his own practice in Contemporary art and interest in the arts in general to our collaboration while I bring the fashion interest. We both visit a lot of exhibitions focusing on both fine art and design based shows. Ultimately, fashion and art both influence and feed into what we do creatively and with One We Made Earlier. 


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