No Granny, I Didn't Steal Your Vicodin by Lola Rose Thompson





Artist: Lola Thompson / @lolarosethompson

Watercolor paintings


I am inspired by rocks, fossils, and ancient ruins. If I was not an artist, I would be an archaeologist or a botanist. I love plants, especially ferns. I'm a painter, but I also make sculptures with flowers - I think of it as a form of ephemeral street art - but instead of 'tagging' with spray paint I write with daisies, pompoms, or whatever I find at the flower market. I like to make people laugh, which is why my work is usually accompanied by long, whimsical, weird and witty titles. For me, the titles of my pieces are as important as the work itself, and often provide a way into the work that lets people really relate to the paintings and to me. 


© Lola Thompson 2015