Make Love by Tina Maria Elena


Artist: Tina Maria Elena / @tinamariaelena

Medium: Drawings, watercolor, hand cut paper

Location: Odense, Denmark



Q: When did you start creating erotic art? 

I posted my first erotic art on November 20, 2015 on Instagram. It was a hand cut piece which started my ‘Make Love’ series. This later became ‘Make Love Watercolor,'

Q: What medium(s) do you use to create and what does your process look like? 

Usually, I get my inspiration from various mediums. A picture, a beautiful sunrise, sunset or something I read or even a personal experience. My process is often started with a sketch of the image I wish to paint. When I’m happy with my sketch, I start either painting or cutting, depending on what I chose to do for that specific piece. Most of the time, I decide on the material and colors before I do the sketch.

Q: We love that your work provides a glimpse into eroticism and sensuality from a woman's perspective. Do you feel feminine perspective is lacking representation in erotic arts and erotic imagery in general?

I definitely feel that the feminine perspective has been missing and it was most certainly a huge part of my inspiration when I started painting erotic art. Fortunately, I feel a strong development in this area. Women are starting to accept and embrace their own sexuality. It feels like there’s finally a common voice from women around the world who take charge of their sensuality and support each other in the fight against the taboo that has forced this issue down for so many years.

Q: Absolutely, and through the arts, we can continue challenging taboos and misinformation!

I want to empower women all over the world. I want them to be proud of themselves and the way they feel, look and act. I really want to shine light on sensuality because I feel this is so important. To feel sensual is really about feeling comfortable in your own skin, to feel desirable and when you do that, you’re able to enjoy sex so much more!

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© Tina Maria Elena 2017