Armoire Mag Exclusive: Lorien


Director and Photographer: Kimberly Marie / @bootsymarie

Editing Assistant: Jeannot Quenson / @jeannotq 

Wardrobe and Props: Lorien Stern / @lorienstern

Models: Sydnie Roper / @sydnieroper

Sarah Neuman / @saraheneumann 


Lorien Stern is a California based Artist creating apparel and interior items with colorful prints and patterns. Her work has been of great inspiration for this issue so we were excited at the opportunity to photograph her clothing and ceramics and learn more about her process. *Wardrobe seen here has been digitally edited, to see her original works and for purchase information, visit her website linked above. 



Hello, thank you so much for meeting with us!


What is your history in the arts?

I was always involved in art programs while in high school and earned a BFA from California College of the Arts in May 2013. I have pretty much been working as a full time Artist ever since.

What inspires the patterns you use in your ceramics and apparel?

When working with ceramics I like to use images and patterns that I haven’t seen on ceramics before. While designing clothing, I usually come up with a story that helps guide the design.

Have you noticed any creative patterns in your work?

I don’t intentionally strive for an overall theme when I’m making something, but I try to make things that are fun and give off a positive vibe. I get a lot of inspiration from animals and the ocean; I've noticed that I’ve come to think of the ocean as an alien planet, it’s always been a source of fascination for me. 

Do you make your own transfers? What does that process look like?

I create my transfers with drawings and gouache paintings that I send to a company that screen prints them on to release paper. I have an industrial heat press that I use to attach the images onto my clothing in unique groupings.

Where do you see art and fashion intersecting?

I’ve always thought of fashion as a form of art and also as a medium for art. It’s something I’ve just started exploring, but having a lot fun with it.

Are there any artists currently influencing your work? We'd love to share your inspiration with our readers.

I don’t usually draw direct influence from any artists, although I get inspiration from artists and designers like Kindah Khalidy, Lil Martinez of BFGF, Dusen Dusen, and Napkin Items, who have their own style down but are always expanding on what they do.  I’ve also recently been into “Nudie” suits by county/western designer Nudie Cohn.


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