Armoire Mag Exclusive: Glacial Pop

Painting / Collage: Jeannot Quenson / @swoonyjean

Art Director / Stylist: Kimberly Pickover / @bootsymarie

Photographer: Maggie Svoboda / @maggiesvoboda

Hair and Makeup: Jamie Rivera / @bbjam

Models: Kimberly PickoverKyla Krug-Meadows 

Location: Austin Courthouse, Austin TX 

Acrylic, gouache, and collage on silver, reflective photo paper


For this collaboration, we wanted a piece that felt contemporary and mature, but playful at the same time. This embodies the Avant Pop spirit with bold brush strokes and color, juxtaposed with the modern darkness of the editorial styling. Jeannot channeled his personal inspirations to synthesize the Avant Pop aesthetic: a combination of comic book art, commercial advertisement, and fine art practices. Deriving inspiration from the brushstrokes in the gestural portraits of Luke Rudolph, Jeannot captured the same unctuous feeling of the line variation and texture in my reworking of Maggie Svoboda's photographs. Michael Cina's work for Ghostly International also played a large role in the inspiration for this piece. His fluid combination of fine art, graphic design, and illustration is an aesthetic that we explored in the creation of this series. 

Avant Pop is a celebration of what has passed and what is to be, it is both forward thinking and securely anchored in the past. Through art, and particularly this movement of creation, we can critique and re-contextualize what is pop culture, ultimately empowering viewers and creators alike.


© Armoire Magazine, Jeannot Quenson, Maggie Svoboda 2015