Posts in Issue 5: Prints&Patterns
Armoire Mag Exclusive: Modern Love from Daniel Cavanaugh and Amy Van Doran


Model, Stylist: Amy Van Doran / @amyvandoran

Photographer: Daniel Cavanaugh / @dwcavanaugh

Backdrop Art, Hair and Makeup: Kirsten Bode / @koko_bode

Interview conducted by Kimberly Marie


"I think people are having the hardest time with love than ever before."

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Armoire Mag Exclusive: BQ-001


Photographer, Stylist and Acrylic Backdrops: Jeannot Quenson / @swoonyjean

Wardrobe and Styling: Ralph Barton & Todd Dickerson

Location: Portland, Oregon 


BQ-001 is about brutal mashups. Combining rich colors, mass manufactured apparel prints and hand painted acrylic patterns, this series evokes a modern mood of constant bombardment, a contradiction of information. 

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Armoire Mag Exclusive: Echoes by Cecilia Alejandra and Mallory Hublein


Photographer: Cecilia Alejandra / @cecilia.alejandra

Director and Stylist, Interviewee: Mallory Hublein / @therebelstylist

Medium: 120mm film, medium format

Model: Melissa Ann Taylor / @melissaanntaylor

Interview conducted by Kimberly Marie


"Being a part of a team that pushes boundaries, comes up with inspiring, innovative work, that is really important to me. Whatever path that takes me down is the path I want to be on."

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Put a One-Two Punch in Your Color Scheme by Linda Flores


Photographer: Linda Flores / @lindafloresphoto

Model: Rebecca Ann Ruiz / @hypatiaimages

Wardrobe: Frock On Vintage / @frockonatx

*Original Better Homes and Gardens Photography provided by Alderman Studios


Linda Flores is an Austin based Photographer that has been featured in StereogumAustin Lifestyle Magazine and more. She is the Founder of Glim Magazine and also co-wrote and photo illustrated Jasper, a book promoting literacy.


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Infinite Pattern by Michael Reeder


Artist: Michael Reeder / @reederone

Medium: Oil, Spray Paint, Enamel and Acrylic on found wooden panels

Location: Taos, New Mexico

Patterns plays a major role in my current body of work which is primarily centered around portraiture. I utilize geometric patterns to help push and emphasize the flat space as it contrasts with elements of realism. The convergence of infinite space and the figure highlight the realm of contemplation located between the conscious and the subconscious mind.


© Michael Reeder 2016

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Armoire Mag Exclusive: Jean Meziere


Photographer: Jean Meziere 

Edits: Jeannot Quenson / @swoonyjean

Medium: Film 


We are honored to feature this unpublished series by renowned French Photographer Jean Meziere (1946-1986) 

These photographs were created in the American southwest in 1982. Using slow AFA film, mainly Kodachrome 25, Meziere was able to capture the intensity of light in a profound way. His work became characterized by strong color saturation, and a crisp level of detail due to the film's fine grain. Nearly thirty five years later, with restoration and edits from Meziere's son, Jeannot Quenson, this artist's unseen works are making their premiere appearance in Armoire Magazine. Read more from Jeannot Quenson on Meziere's life and art linked below.


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