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A Conversation with Vanessa Acosta of Wasi Clothing


"Designing with indigenous, hand-woven textiles means that you are working with sacred materials. Before I dove into this brown-owned business, I had to check myself. I had to be sure I was doing it the right way. Ethics and social consciousness are important to always keep in mind when getting into a business venture in fashion."


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To Mars and to Never Return: Intimates with Melissa Ann Taylor


"It's very scary to put your work on display, as any Artist can probably relate to. I've modeled for most of my own look books and it feels a little surreal to be literally standing in my own underwear pretty much publicly"


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Featured Artist: #ARTANDBLING by Lezanne Viviers


Concept and Art Direction: Lezanne Viviers / @lezanneviviers

Photographer: Hanro Havenga / @hanrohavenga

Model: Megs Woolley / @in_no_rush

Styling: Daisie Jo Grobler /  @daisieJo and Lezanne Viviers

Make-up: Annice Make-up / @annicemakeup and Sibella Weber / @Sibellaweber

Post-Production: Lezanne Viviers

Clothing: Marianne Fassler / @MARIANNEFASSLEROFFICIAL and DaisieJo, stylist’s own

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa


“Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see.” - René Magritte


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Armoire Mag Exclusive: Modern Love from Daniel Cavanaugh and Amy Van Doran


Model, Stylist: Amy Van Doran / @amyvandoran

Photographer: Daniel Cavanaugh / @dwcavanaugh

Backdrop Art, Hair and Makeup: Kirsten Bode / @koko_bode

Interview conducted by Kimberly Marie


"I think people are having the hardest time with love than ever before."

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Armoire Mag Exclusive: Echoes by Cecilia Alejandra and Mallory Hublein


Photographer: Cecilia Alejandra / @cecilia.alejandra

Director and Stylist, Interviewee: Mallory Hublein / @therebelstylist

Medium: 120mm film, medium format

Model: Melissa Ann Taylor / @melissaanntaylor

Interview conducted by Kimberly Marie


"Being a part of a team that pushes boundaries, comes up with inspiring, innovative work, that is really important to me. Whatever path that takes me down is the path I want to be on."

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Put a One-Two Punch in Your Color Scheme by Linda Flores


Photographer: Linda Flores / @lindafloresphoto

Model: Rebecca Ann Ruiz / @hypatiaimages

Wardrobe: Frock On Vintage / @frockonatx

*Original Better Homes and Gardens Photography provided by Alderman Studios


Linda Flores is an Austin based Photographer that has been featured in StereogumAustin Lifestyle Magazine and more. She is the Founder of Glim Magazine and also co-wrote and photo illustrated Jasper, a book promoting literacy.


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Neon Zinn by Seth Damm


Artist / Designer: Seth Damm / @sethdamm

Photographer: Cecilia Corsano-leopizzi 

Stylists: Erin Mccutcheon and Derek Rake

Model: Anita Mwiruki

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana 


"Part of the challenge of being an artist is finding a way to be engaged directly with people, with the world, while also requiring a fair amount of time, isolation and head space in order to produce work with a level of integrity that is worth pursuing."

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Metal Clown by Alexandra Merino