Altered Landscapes by Adriana Barrios


Artist: Adriana Barrios 

Medium: Intaglio Type and Cyanotype

Produced in Artist Residency in Florence, Italy 2015


Adriana Barrios is a Contemporary Artist based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Beginning with drawings and photographs of desert landscapes in the American Southwest, Adriana utilized printmaking and alternative photography processes to alter the original works. We were lucky enough to ask her a few questions about her process. For more information about the artist, view her portfolio linked above.



We are curious about your inspiration for the patterns in this series, Altered Landscapes

I am interested in symbology and how symbols have been used over time as way of communicating information. The patterns in these prints started out as drawings. The drawings were later developed into intaglio plates and combined with cyanotype prints.  

Do you have any creative processes you tend to follow when you are creating? 

It's important for me to experiment and push the limits of the materials and processes I use. It not only keeps things exciting in the studio but I end up with some surprising and beautiful results.

How did your experience creating these works in Florence, Italy influence your work? 

Having the opportunity to designate seven months of my life to only making art was definitely the biggest influence. Every day that I walked outside of my apartment was like walking into the future and the past, simultaneously. Florence is so rich with inspiration in it's history, art and fascinating people. These particular things are not specifically represented in my work but they undeniably inspired and challenged me on a day to day basis when working in the studio.

Do you have any suggestions or tips for landing an art residency? 

Apply! There are so many artist residency opportunities around the world. Find one that makes sense to you and the work you would like to make.


© Adriana Barrios 2016