The Waiting Game by Kyla Atlas, Jess Claire and Alyssa Trivelli


Photography, Styling & Modeling:

Kyla AtlasJess Claire and Alyssa Trivelli

Furs & Accessories: Headmistress 

Location: Ontario, Toronto

35mm Film – Kodak Portra 400, Fuji Superia 200 & 400


Canadian winter is a test of human endurance and resolve. Five months of snow and wind that chill the bones and play tricks on the mind. We embrace the weather for flashes of time, watching the snow sparkle as we slide hastily between heated spaces. All too often the restlessness creeps in. The aim of our submission is to capture the stir-crazy effects that emerge when cabin fever hits; the inane, tempestuous, weary and vexed feelings of being cooped up as well as the physical and spiritual release that we experience when we finally break free and feel the frosty air seep into our lungs. 

In these moments, as in moments past, furs and wools are a second skin. The lovely Jillian Wood, a local designer and owner of “Headmistress," deconstructs vintage fur coats into beautifully functional winter accessories, all sustainably handmade in Toronto. We featured many of her pieces in this series because we feel that they are the perfect antidote to the malaise of winter.


© Kyla Atlas, Jess Claire, Alyssa Trivelli 2014