Armoire Mag Exclusive: Russian Dollhouse


Photographer: Maggie Svoboda

Styling & Art DirectorKimberly Pickover

HMU: Jamie RiveraRaven Camacho 

Models: Logan Donaldson, Devin Royer 

Location: Neil Carter Museum Austin, TX


This series looked to traditional Russian Matryoshka dolls for inspiration. The Russian craft and tradition utilizes a design concept (the item within an item design) that can be seen in architecture, jewelry, decor and more. Often called the "Matryoshka Principle," this design concept is also a metaphor for many cultural, artistic and political thoughts. For example, the "Matryoshka Principle" is also a Mise-en-abyme, which refers to the visual experience of standing between two mirrors, creating an endless replica of one's self. It can also be a work within a work, for example, a painting of a painting or an excerpt of literary work within a literary work. The design element of the Russian doll transcends it's literal meaning and often uncovers larger ideas about society and the human experience.

Special thanks to the Neil Carter museum for letting us use their beautiful space.


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