Intimates: A Conversation with Melissa Wittnebert




Melissa Wittnebert is an erotic artist using mostly ink to create feminine sexual dreamscapes. 

Illustrator: Melissa Wittnebert / @meliss_witt



"I'm 100% in love with the female form and women's sexual expression."


Q: Do you ever draw male figures? 

Haha no! I'm 100% in love with the female form and women's sexual expression.

Q: What does the process of creation look like for you?

I'm still figuring out my process. Sometimes I start something, forget about it, go back to it, and ultimately throw it away. Sometimes I pick up something I started months ago and breathe new life into it, it's all dependent on inspiration.




Q: What are your most common tools used for creating? 

Pencil and pen are my most common tools but I've been getting more and more excited about watercolor and learning new color techniques so I can really execute some of my ideas the way I'd like to. 


Q: Where do you get inspiration for your work? 

It depends on where I am mentally, really, it's all over the place. I have gone down many tumblr wormholes, often finding myself leaning in a direction I didn't expect. I'm really inspired by campy 80's and 90's erotica, it's so perfectly gaudy! And of course, Egone Schiele is a huge inspiration of mine. I love the creepy, sort of distorted way he draws figures., especially the feminine form.



Q: Are there any Artists you have been especially inspired by lately? Particularly Artists creating in sensual mediums? 

There are so many amazing, talented erotic Artists on Instagram. A few that come to mind are Rachel Daily, Ginevra Mandelli and Monica Galise, they are all really wonderful!