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Armoire Magazine is a digital and print publication dedicated to art, fashion and empowerment. With each themed issue, we highlight current events through the eyes of diverse creatives. Since much of the media we consume lacks cultural representation and female perspective, we are especially drawn towards promoting women and minorities as well as work that challenges patriarchal norms and cultural stereotypes.

Our platform fosters a space for creatives and marginalized voices to share their work and experiences: through interviews, web features, social media takeovers, and fundraising events. In our current cultural and political climate, we believe that using our creative power for change is more important than ever. With each digital issue, we raise money for a different charity / organization that empowers women and minorities so check back often to participate!

If you are interested in submitting, visit our submissions page or, for more information about Instagram takeovers, modeling, collaborations or promotions, contact us here